Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trinidad Reyes


The Trinidad marca is one that has a particularly interesting history, tied directly as it is, to the communist government in Cuba, produced first as a cigar produced at El Laguito (the famous Cohiba factory), exclusively as diplomatic gifts from Castro (according to some sources, more exclusive than the Diplomatic Cohiba, and according to other sources, a less exclusive cigar... regardless). First released publically in 1998, they were available only in a single size, the Fundadores, a Laguito Especial (the original Trinidads, the diplomatic cigars, were an Laguito No. 1, a lancero, the public release was the slightly thicker 40 ring gauge, Laguito Especial). Since then, several other sizes have been added to the line, as well as a few Limited Editions, special humidors, etc.

The Reyes is the smallest cigar in the Trinidad portfolio, a tres petite corona, with a pigtail cap. This particular example has a very oily wrapper, somewhat darker in color than other Trinidad cigars I have had. The wrapper also has almost no visible veins, and a rather impressive amount of tooth to it, more than any other Cuban wrapper I can remember seeing. The seams are tight, the packing feels even, and just a little firm, and the cap is flawlessly applied. The wrapper has a subtle aroma, just a slight, sweet tobacco, while the foot offers the same sweet tobacco with a mix of tea and cinnamon. The cold draw is just a touch snug, and tastes of the same tea, plus creamy coffee, and a touch of spice. There is, in this example, an uncharacteristic barnyard element present as well. Not a bad thing though.

Lit at 2:10pm

At the beginning, flavor profile consists of toasty tobacco, bitter coffee, some floral tea, and a touch of spice on the finish. Draw is great, and it lit easily enough.

The burn line about an inch in is a little wavy, with some runs here and there. The ash is tight, and dark gray in color. Flavor profile has settled into a creamy sweet tobacco, a bitter coffee, and the same herbal, floral tea character. It is a delicious combination, just perfectly balanced. There is also a musty note through the nose, reminds me of Hendrik Kelner's blends actually.

At the halfway point, a sweet, milk chocolate flavor develops, and complements the tea and coffee flavors present already quite well. The mouthfeel is downright creamy, and smooth. In fact, the whole cigar has been creamy and smooth. The touch of spice on the finish, which has been pretty consistent the whole way through, is a good mix of tingle across the palate, and a cinnamon flavor through the nose, which is interesting with the musty tobacco also present through the nose.

Ended at 3:00pm for a total time of 50 minutes. Not many transitions, but the complexity, and subtle notes that are present through out the cigar make this one of the most interesting blends I have had, especially out of Cuba. It burns well, draws well, and tastes great. It also isn't overly expensive (I paid around 85$ for a box of 12) when compared to other cigars in the marca.

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