Monday, August 2, 2010

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature

6x47 Figurado

This famous line of cigars, named to honor one of the great man's men, and smokers,
Ernest Hemingway, a writer anyone reading this review should be familiar with,
offers a unique figurado shape, sort of a mix between a perfecto and a salomone.
The wrapper is a yellowish brown Cameroon wrapper, the wrapper the Fuentes are
so famous for using, covered in tooth, and slick with oil. The nipple shaped
foot doesn't offer much in the way of aroma, but the wrapper gives off a warm
spice and cedar combo that is very nice. Pre-light draw gives a sweet tobacco
and smooth cedar flavor, with a little spice thrown in for good measure. Very

Lit at 2:58pm.

Draw is unbearably firm at first, due to the almost closed foot. Only discernible
flavors are a light cedar, and a little hay. Getting the burn line up over the foot
shoulder is a little difficult, with the burn line going absolutely crazy. About
and inch in, the burn line has straightened out, and the draw is nice and loose.
Tooth from the wrapper is visible in the yellow/gray ash, which seems very tight.
Flavors I can taste of cedar and leather mostly. The mouthfeel is super oily,
coating the palette fully. There is also a slight sweetness, more a sweet wood
than anything like cocoa, somewhere in the middle.

Getting into the second third, the flavors are still milder than I expected. They
are noticeable, but nothing is really very deep or overwhelming. Mostly the
only flavors present are still cedar and leather, with a little pepper and spice
having come up on the finish, fortunately.

Well, ask and ye shall receive. No sooner do I get bored with a lack of boldness,
do I get a big blast of pepper and cinnamon through the nose. Not pepper heat,
but rather, flavor, as well a a strong cinnamon spice flavor that is absolutely
delicious. If there is one thing I have noticed in the last couple Fuente sticks
I've had, it is that they sometimes take a little while to really develop into
anything, and when they do it is really great usually.

Just shy of the final third everything is getting really rich and creamy. There
is a little vanilla, and a great sweetness, that tastes fantastic with the cedar
and cinnamon flavors that still dominate through the nose. Despite a shaky
start, I'm really loving this one now. I've had a fair number of cameroon wrapped
cigars in the past, and they all share similar flavors with this one, except
that this cigar in particular seems to have taken those flavors I usually associate
with Cameroon, and ramp them up tenfold. Absolutely delicious.

Ended at 4:13pm, for a total burn time of one hour fifteen minutes. Good time,
great cigar. Absolutely delicious.

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