Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EP Carrillo Short Run

4 7/8 x 50 "Populares"


The EP Carrillo brand is a new small batch line of cigars from the original creator of the La Gloria Cubana mark, one of the classic habanos. The Short Run is a limited production (1500 boxes/vitola) stick featuring a fine smelling Sumatran wrapper. The overall construction on this cigar is flawless. The wrapper has small veins that are all flat and smooth. The leaf itself is silky smooth to the touch, and is a light caramel color. The whole thing is held together by a good looking triple cap. Seams overall look very tight. The pack is dense, giving this little robusto size stick some deceptive heft to it. The aroma off the body is a distinct and pungent barnyard stench, that I personally am a big fan of. The foot smells similarly of hay and manure. The cold draw is slightly sweet and fruity. Worth mentioning that the cut is absolutely perfect on this, which in my opinion has just as much to do with the packing of the cigar as it does the sharpness of the cutter. I know my cutter is sharp (it is a relatively new Palio) but a poorly packed cigar can still produce a funky cut regardless of the cutter. This one is flawless.


Lit at 11:09pm.

Right off the bat the flavors are heavy on cream and roasted nut impressions. There is a little bit of woodiness on the finish as well. A small spicy kick washes through briefly on the finish, and then the nuts come back. Draw is also perfect. Just the right amount of resistance.

In the first third flavors are still roasted nuts, with the addition of a good coffee bean through the nose. The spice on the finish is distinctly cinnamon filled. The ash holds firmly and rolls off in a solid chunk at a good bit over one inch. Closer to 1.5 inches probably. Not any changes really in flavor as I approach the end of this third, but the flavors present are delicious, and plenty rich.


Early in the second third the nasal retrohale is starting to produce a slightly fruit like flavor reminiscent of the aroma present from the cold draw before lighting. A little further into the second third and the ash fell for the second time (nailing me, my lap, and seemingly everything within ten feet!) Unfortunately I noticed that the wrapper seems to be cracking opened near the burn line, for about a half inch back. Not causing any problems, but it is a little unsightly.


Just into the final third and things are progressing wonderfully. The burn line has been a little wavy off and on until now, but it is razor sharp at the moment. The crack in the wrapper seems to have been a momentary fluke, as it burned fine past it, and did not crack further. This is definitely a sort of "dry" feeling smoke. The mouthfeel is rich, and full, but leaves me parched, needing a sip of water after almost every draw. Flavors in the final third have abandoned the roasted nut flavor in favor of coffee, cinnamon, and a sweet, earthy tobacco.

Getting down to the nub things are getting pretty hot, and bitter. Just in the last inch or so. Nothing unusual. Ended at 12:43am, for a total burn time of one hour and 34 minutes, which is a great time for a 4 7/8x50 stick, and is a sign, in my opinion of a wonderfully built cigar. As for strength, it definitely sits at the fuller side of medium. Not an all stops pulled knockout full, but I certainly had a little bit of a buzz and even a little queasiness for a few minutes afterward. Small cigar. Long burn. Great flavors. Two thumbs up on this one. Oh, and the price is definitely right, at under $7!


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